Lidaretto with Hesai

Improve your efficiency with lidaretto and capture reality different way than using conventional methods (RTK GNSS and total stations).
Decrease time of your fieldwork, and process data and extract required information in the comfort of your office.

  • Lidaretto with Hesai


Find out more about lidaretto and what our solution can do for you.


Laser Class 1 – Eye safe
Channels 16 / 32
Measure Range 120m / 300m
Accuracy +/- 1cm (typical)
Number of returns Max. 2 / 3
Resistance IP67
Velodyne Lidar


GNSS receiver Novatel OEM7, 555 channels, dual GNSS (optional)
GNSS signals Standard GPS+GLONASS L1/L2, upgradable to GALILEO and BEIDOU
GNSS accuracy PP 1-2cm
IMU accuracy PP Heading/Pitch/Roll - 0.038/0.008/0.008; 0.011/0.005/0.005 (optional)
Novatel on board


Mounting brackets Custom made for UAV, car or backpack
GNSS antennas For UAV, car or backpack, including custom cables
GNSS postprocessing SW Perpetual, One year, as a Service
RGB option Additional camera for point clouds coloring
Download our information booklet
Download our information booklet
and discover the benefits of lidaretto.

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